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Disclaimer: The information provided on the Tulsi Nutrition website is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Any person suffering from conditions requiring medical attention, or who have symptoms that concern them, should consult a qualified medical practitioner. 

Positive, small steps leading to long-lasting changes.

Embark on a journey to optimal health.


Raihane Palagi

I am a Registered Nutritional Therapist based in Birmingham, UK. 

I have studied at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and Birmingham for 3 years and I am accredited with the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) and the CNHC.

My approach

As a Nutritional Therapist, I believe that good nutrition is fundamental to health, which is why nutrition is the main tool I use to help your body finds its balance. But I also have a holistic approach, and this means that I explore other aspect of your health: from your sleep and stress management, to your physical activity and the environment you live in.

Why Tulsi?

Tulsi is a type of Basil used in Ayurvedic Medicine. It is an adaptogenic herb, meaning that it supports your body in adapting to physical and mental stressors.


It is also known as the 'Queen of Herbs', due to its many benefits: Tulsi has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, can help balance blood sugar levels, support digestion and improve cognition!


I first heard about this wonderful herb in a Herbal Medicine class and I instantly fell in love with it! My name, Raihane, also means 'Basil' in Arabic. So that only reinforced my love for this herb and I decided to include it in my business name.


If you had never heard of Tulsi before, don't worry! I can tell you more about it during your consultation while you sip on a warm cup of Tulsi tea!


What my clients say

SANDRINE L. - London

Raihane saw my daughter Mila who had been suffering from severe period pains and stress. Our experience with Raihane was very pleasant. She has a gentle and confident approach and Mila felt at ease to open up and expose her issues. Raihane explained with much clarity what was happening at a physiological level and what factors were contributing to her symptoms. Her clear explanations made a lot a sense to Mila and helped her implement changes in her diet and lifestyle. I am pleased to say Mila is improving. Thank you Raihane!

S. K. - London

I found my consultation with Raihane to be extremely helpful and motivational. She is very professional but open and friendly at the same time, she put me at ease from the very start and I found it really easy to talk to her. Before I saw Raihane, I thought I was eating fairly healthy, but I actually learnt so much about nutrition and she gave me lots of useful tips on how to improve my diet. She managed to work out what was best for me but remained flexible with the plan to make it easier for me to follow. I would definitely recommend Raihane to anyone looking for guidance and better health and nutrition.

M. B. - Birmingham

I met Raihane as I needed help to improve my energy levels and mental wellbeing. I was in a stressful job and needed guidance and motivation to change my diet and lifestyle. That's exactly what Raihane did with me and her recommendations had a significant impact: my energy levels increased rapidly and I was more focused and productive at work. She also equiped me with tools to manage my stress levels and explained to me how my diet could be used to improve my mental wellbeing. I now feel more confident to implement changes in my life and I feel more in tune with my body.

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