I organise workshops on a variety of topics: digestive health, hormone balance, eating for energy, children's health...

Workshops are a great way to learn about a specific topic more in depth and get empowered to change your health. They are also the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and go home with some lovely freebies and recipes to try.

Please note that there are no upcoming workshops in light of the current outbreak of Covid-19.

Once the situation has improved, I will be scheduling new workshops and advertising events on this page.

I really enjoyed the session, it was packed with lots of useful information that I could take away and implement. The workshop was intimate so I felt comfortable asking questions. Raihane is truly passionate about nutrition and has a fountain of knowledge to share. I feel very motivated to nourish myself in the right way, thank you. The goody bags and snacks you made for us were also a lovely treat.


about the Digestive Wellness workshop

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the workshop again, I really enjoyed it & learnt so much & you did such a great job. I’ll definitely be attending future events & trying out the recipes. And thank you for sending over the slides, much appreciated.


about the Digestive Wellness workshop


Coming soon.


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