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© 2018 by Raihane Sellouf Palagi, DipCNM mBANT

Disclaimer: The information provided on the Tulsi Nutrition website is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Any person suffering from conditions requiring medical attention, or who have symptoms that concern them, should consult a qualified medical practitioner. 

My approach

I consider myself as a health detective: my aim is to gather clues on how your body functions and investigate the underlying drivers of your symptoms, so I can use my tools and support your body to find its balance again. 


In order to do that, I need to know in details your past medical history, all the way up to how you were born and fed! I ask thorough questions on each of your body systems so I can get a better understanding of how they are functioning and interacting with each other.


I strongly believe that nutrition is the foundation of our health and physical wellbeing, but I also know that there are other factors to take into consideration such as our sleep, our stress management, our physical activity, and a healthy environment, in and out of our homes. This is why I believe in a holistic approach and explore different aspects of your health.


I don't believe in quick fixes, trendy diets, and restrictions. Instead, I believe in positive, small steps leading to long-lasting changes. No one has changed diet overnight. I know I haven't! So I never expect of my clients to go from McDonald's to Green smoothies overnight. Be reassured, I will never ask you to do something you don't want to, or to eat a food you dislike. 


In addition to nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, I was trained to use and interpret functional testing (via saliva, stool or blood analysis) to assess your body's physiology and how specific organs or tissues are functioning. This is an invaluable tool that facilitates the creation of a more individualised therapeutic protocol.  I also use safe and natural supplementation when food alone is insufficient to correct the imbalances I will have identified.


''My passion lies in educating my clients, helping them understand their body better and empowering them to achieve optimal health.''


I look forward to working with you,          


Functional testing